High quality

At Lucid Leah we use the highest quality materials and stick to our sustainable philosophy at the same time. We use the highest quality recycled sterling silver, gold and glass, our natural gemstones are traceable to at least the country of origin and our packaging is environmentally-friendly. By reusing and recycling materials as much as possible we limit our environmental impact. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We use recycled and traceable materials from certified companies, so we can make sure that our materials come from a sustainable source and that they’re not adding to the destructive mining industries that’s disastrous for the environment. Mining industries are displacing communities, contaminating drinking water, harming and exploiting workers, destroying pristine environments, endangering the health of local people and ecosystems and adding to the greenhouse gas emission problem.

“Our silver, gold, gemstones, glass beads, enamel and packaging are ethically sourced and environmentally conscious.”

Recycled materials

Our recycled 18k gold and 925 sterling silver is repurposed from previous jewelry pieces, post-consumer waste, industrial recyclable products, leftover silver from other projects and scrap silver from production that has been melted down for reuse. Our gemstones, glass beads, enamel and packaging are ethically sourced and environmentally conscious as well. Despite that most of the materials we use are being recycled, there is no difference in look, feel or value from newly mined materials. Our process is to take waste and pollution out from the start, so by recycling materials we are creating a system of circularity and reducing the amounts of waste.

We are currently working to eliminate plastic completely from our supply chain and we expect to have achieved this in late 2022.

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