Not sure what size you need? Choosing the right size can be hard sometimes, as it is always a personal choice. We will help you as good as we can with the following tips:

Ring sizing

We will give you 2 options to determine your ring size:

Option 1. Measure your own ring

  1. Find a ring that fits the finger you want to buy a new ring for.
  2. Measure the diameter in the inside of the ring.
  3. Use our chart (see below) to determine your desired ring size.

Option 2. Measure your finger

  1. Take a piece of paper and cut out a strip of paper (0,5 cm width).
  2. Wrap it around your finger and make sure the paper is pulled thight on your finger.
  3. Take a marker and mark where the paper meets.
  4. Measure the length in between the two marks to measure the circumference.
  5. Use our chart (see below) to look up the measurement and find the corresponding ring size.
Diameter in mmCircumference in mmEU sizeUS size

Please keep following in mind:

  • If your size falls in between two sizes we recommend to buy the larger size.
  • Wider rings tend to run slightly smaller.
  • If you have bigger knuckles please both measure your knuckles and your finger and finally choose the size that is in between.
  • Measure your finger on room temperature. If the external temperature is getting higher, your fingers might swell. Also when it’s freezing, your fingers might shrink a little.

Necklace sizing:

Our necklaces come in 2 lengths: 42 cm and 50 cm. You can measure with a necklace you already have or a cord how the lengths will look like on you. You should keep in mind that if you add a clasp, the length will be slightly longer. Also if you add a pendant to a necklace it tends to get in a V-shape. This will make the necklace look a bit longer as well.

Our rope necklace and dotted necklace are adjustable in length. You can wear them on 40 cm, 45 cm and 50 cm.

If you are still unsure about the right size and you would like further assistance, please email us at info@lucidleah.com.

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