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agate earring

sterling silver

$149,00 incl. VAT
campanula earring

sterling silver

$99,00 incl. VAT
curb chain necklace

sterling silver

$161,00 incl. VAT
modern bracelet

sterling silver

$93,00 incl. VAT
agate earring

18k gold vermeil

$186,00 incl. VAT
busy bee ring

18k gold vermeil

$111,00 incl. VAT


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Sustainable jewelry made responsibly

Sustainability and ethics are the core pillars upon which Lucid Leah was founded, so creating sustainable and ethical quality pieces is the most important aspect of our business. Sustainable jewelry made responsibly: we believe true sustainability and ethics is about transparently addressing both impacts on the environment and on the people in our ecosystem.

Recycled materials

We only use responsibly sourced materials in our jewelry with a focus on certified recycled and traceable materials. Our recycled 18k gold and 925 sterling silver is repurposed from previous jewelry pieces, post-consumer waste, industrial recyclable products, leftover silver from other projects and scrap silver from production that has been melted down for reuse.

Timeless designs

Each piece is designed in Utrecht, the Netherlands and is then handcrafted by artisans in Bali, Indonesia by using environmentally friendly materials. All our local artisans in Indonesia have been educated and passed on their expertise through generations, so we’re building on Bali’s rich history of jewelry craftsmanship. 

Fair pricing

We sell our jewelry directly to our customers, cutting out any middle-man. Also, we believe that fair and conscious jewelry deserves fair pricing. We are on a mission to meet every person in our supply chain to make sure they receive a fair price and wage and to make sure they are working in healthy work conditions.

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